Welcome To My Photo Album's!


Here is the main URL to the photo albums: http://traciels.shutterfly.com/.

You can find the following albums at the URL above:

Album Number One
Mostly Me (Tracie)

Album Number Two
Our Wedding

Album Number Three
Our Family

Album Number Four
The Pups

Album Number Five
The Pool & Landscaping

There are also pictures on other pages throughout my site, mainly a couple of Halloween pages:

Halloween Party

Benji's Costume's

More doggie pictures:

Britney & Teddy's Pom Page

Then, there is the time we met Marie Osmond:

Meeting Marie

I still don't have as many pictures on here as I did at one time, but as you may or may not know, I had two different photo album sites wiped out two different times, & also accidentally deleted a bunch of photo's off my computer one time. After that, I didn't feel much like fooling with the photo album part of my website! ;o) After all this time, I'm beginning to feel like it again, so be on the lookout for more pictures!



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