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When I was a little girl, I adored Sonny & Cher. I used to record their TV show on my little portable tape recorder, and shush everyone in the room so that they couldn't be heard on the tape! :o)

When I was a little older, along came Donny & Marie and captured my heart!

I realized at a young age that one of the reasons I liked shows like theirs, & people like them, was because that is what I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up & I was very ambitious about it. I wanted to sing, dance & act. I took dance classes (ballet, tap & jazz) for approximately ten years. The summer before my senior year in high school, I began doing plays at a local dinner theater in my hometown. That is how I met Craig. He was in my first play with me, which was Oklahoma. I was a dancer & in the chorus & Craig was playing the part of Jud Fry. The plays at the dinner theater had 3 month runs with performances 4 nights a week & some matinees thrown in some of the time. For that first play the cast was together for almost 6 months. We were like one big, happy family. It took me a while to get over it after the play closed. Several months later I was ready to do another one. Things were never the same again as they were with that first play. I soon learned that what we had in Oklahoma was rare & I was blessed for that to be my first play.

I went on to do the following plays:

Music Man
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
South Pacific
Here's Love
Mame &
The Stingiest Man In Town

After I knew that Craig & I were going to get married, I seemed to lose a lot of my interest in being in plays. I suppose my domestic instincts began to kick in! :o)

Years later when Benji was about two years old, Craig & I became very involved in our church. It was a small, new church starting from the ground up. The position for Music Director came open & Craig filled the position. I joined the ensemble & sang with the group for four to five years. That was a very fun time in my life. I enjoyed singing so much.

Aside from the performing arts, I do have some other interests. I love animals! I really don't care for snakes or creepy crawlies. . .lets just stick to mammals & birds! LOL...I suppose rodents are okay. They have cute little faces, just don't sneak up on me with one, kay?

Obviously I enjoy being online & working on my website. I also enjoy scrapbooking when I am in the mood & I have a growing collection of Marie Osmond Dolls. I love watching her & Mary Beth Roe on QVC. They are so funny when they get silly & giggly!

Craig surprised me with a Disney Vacation Club ownership several years back. Our home resort is Disney's Old Key West on Walt Disney World Property. We love it there. There is just nothing like being at Disney World! We can use it to travel to other destinations, we just haven't yet. When people ask me even now what my dream vacation is, I still tell them Disney World. They think I'm nuts! Well, actually I kind of am, but it's fun being just a little nutty anyway! I've kind of changed on this since we got Britney & Teddy. I don't like to leave them for any length of time & the Disney Resorts still don't allow pets. I don't know who has separation anxiety worse, me or them!

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