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Hi! I'm Tracie.
Thanks for stopping by! We are the Stanley family. My husband is Craig and we have a son named Benji. Craig & I have been married for 24 years. Now that our son is grown, we are all part of the working world. I was a stay at home mom for many years & we were homeschooler's.

Now, onto the rest of the family!

Benji has a girlfriend named Abby. She is such a sweet girl! They met in Tae-Kwon-Do class.

Baby is our 16 year old black cat. Her main activity these days is being chased by a couple of young Pomeranians! Don't worry, they don't hurt her!

Our sweet, 10 year old chocolate Pomeranian named Teddy passed away on April 13, 2009. That was so difficult to deal with. We did everything we could do for him, but he still did not make it. He had lymphoma. He went through some chemo for that, but it started making him too sick. He also had a grade 6 heart murmur, which is the worst, unfortunately. He was on a lot of medicine. But what actually got him, was bladder stones. He was slowly dieing from the other things, & it wasn't right to put him through the surgery for the bladder stones. So, the horrible, gut wrenching decision to put him to sleep was made. I miss him so much & I love(d) him so much.

We still have our first Pomeranian, even though she's younger than Teddy (Teddy was a rescue) -- Britney! She is 9 years old now & not as active as she once was. She is still such a sweetie. She can still catch the Frisbee (& other toys & treats!) She gets in the pool on the top step for a little dip & drink practically every day! We don't keep her outside, but we have a doggy door so she can go out if she wants.

Next in line is Bunny. He or she is a wild catch, thanks to our dog Britney. It's a little cottontail. On February 17 of 2007, Craig & Benji were doing yard work, cleaning out the winter dead stuff in our backyard flower beds. Well, they uncovered a bunny nest. Unfortunately, Britney got the first one & killed it, before they knew what she was doing. After Craig took that one away from her, he followed her & she went right back to the nest. He made her get away & he found one more baby. We felt like the best thing to do was to try to take this one in, since the nest & surroundings had been uncovered. We were not sure if the mother would come back, & had been told by a couple of people that she probably would not come back. Now that I have read further online, indications are that she probably would have come back, but it is too late now. We have been taking care of the bunny & it is thriving! We got Bunny a nice big cage & are keeping it in the house. He or she has grown a ton & eats lots & lots! Sooo cute!!!!

Last December, we acquired a new little Pomeranian! My sisters ex husband bought it at the flea market & it got to be too much for him after a week or so. Naturally, he told my sister to call me! :o) He was born on October 2, 2008. That is also Craig's birthday! His name was Bear but we changed it to Bentley. He is such a little love bug!

Two days after Teddy passed away, my aunt called me & said that she had someone at work that couldn't keep her dog any longer, which was also a Pomeranian. After checking with Craig I told her to bring him on over. I immediately started second guessing myself because I was in deep mourning for Teddy. But I had already said yes, & it was done. He has grown on me. This dogs name was also Bear! Lol. . .We changed it to Barkley. I have kept Bear as both dogs middle names. That was also Teddy's middle name. Barkley was born May 16, 2008.

My cousin found another Pomeranian not too long ago & asked if I wanted it. I checked with Craig & he said, "No more!" So, we are done expanding the family for a while.

I sure hope you enjoy your visit here! There is plenty to do. Just look to your left & you will see links to all the different pages.

I'd love to know if you enjoyed your visit, so feel free to leave a message in the guestbook & mark your spot on the guest map!


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